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Knife Mill - Type PS

The Knife Mill, type PS is used for single-step size reduction of different types of rubber that are easy to shred, such as NBR, SBR and EPDM in standard bale size. The rubber can be cut into granule sizes smaller than 10 mm. This increases dissolving- and mixing times.  Due to the flowability achieved, the material is easy to convey and can be fed via automatic weight dosing. Continuous manufacturing processes are thereby achieved. 

Characteristics, Function

  • Special guillotine rotor with open design and a high moment of inertia
  • Feed trough with pendulum flaps  for guided material feeding and dosed material intake 
  • Upper part of the housing  opens hydraulically for quick and thorough cleaning and knife exchange
  • Material feeding either manually or by means of a conveyor belt
  • Particle size is determined by the size of the screen perforation
  • Pneumatic suction device to transport the end product and the resulting heat  


  • High throughput rate
  • Low-friction and therewith temperature-gentle size reduction 
  • Besides rubber bales,  other types of rubber waste such as seals, cable insulation etc. can be size reduced
  • Sturdy construction – designed for continuous operation 


  • Hydraulic guillotine integrated in the feed trough for precutting of large rubber bales
  • Machine is also available for  two-step preparation in case of special requirements
  • Dosing system for separating agents available for especially hard to size reduce types of rubber
  • Sound insulation available

Pallmann Knife mill for rubber

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Grinding chamber with guilotine rotor

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PS 6-6 (0184 2003 0032 )Bild07594a2d3be8bd65.91422015.jpg

Hydraulic guillotine integrated in the feed trough for precutting of large rubber bales

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Single step system


Two step system


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