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Pallmann Knife Mill - Type PSP - Pallmann Produkt Katalog
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Knife Mill - Type PSP

The Pallmann Knife Mill, type PSP is the tailored solution for the size reduction of window profiles, shutter profiles and siding profiles which mainly consist of PVC. During the production of these types of products, production waste and clippings occur. If this waste is directly size reduced and processed into high quality plastic granules, it can be directly re-introduced into the production line. Alternatively, the PVC granules can be pulverized, by means of Pallmann pulverizing systems, into high quality plastic powders. 

Characteristics, Function

  • Size reduction of profile waste up to 6 m length, without precutting
  • Nearly horizontal feeding of the profiles through a sound insulated feed trough
  • Pivoted feed trough for better cleaning
  • Feed height at hand level
  • The rotor draws in the profiles automatically and continuously
  • The end size of the granules is determined by the perforation of the screen to be specified in accordance with the customer’s requirements
  • The end material is pneumatically suctioned off


  • Continuous size reduction
  • High throughput rate 
  • Optimum granules quality and less percentage of fines
  • Low space requirement due to compact design 


  • Additional feed trough for short-pieced profile waste
  • Pre-lengthening of extremely long or very large amounts of profile waste available 

Knife Mill PSP for profile waste

PS-P 400x500 (0607.2001.0063) Profibild01594a301e03cad5.58418022.jpg

Profiles through

PS-P 400x500 (0607.2001.0063) Profibild04594a301e03d1c9.14893306.jpg

Grinding chamber

PS-P 400x500 (0607.2001.0063) Profibild05594a301e03d476.05200153.jpg


PSP 500x700 Schnitt 50 24 Bit Zuführschacht geschloßen mit Profil594a301e03d6c7.67789619.jpg

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