Knife Ring

Characteristics, Function

• Higher fatigue strength on the front ring (without chip pocket, reduced notch effect). 
• Simpler structure of the knife clamping system (fewer components / longer service life). 
• Avoidance of erosion wear during the machining process. • Longer service life of the front ring. 
• Higher wear resistance of the wear shoes (service life> 1 year). 
• No regrinding and regrinding of wear shoes in the knife basket necessary. 
• Easy replacement of individual wear shoes. • Proven zero setting further optimized. 
• Significantly less cleaning effort compared to centrifugal wedge clamping. 
• Electric automatic screwdriver unit with improved evaluation of the setting data (option). 
• Vibration-dampening effect through modified knife carriers and front ring during the machining process (mass increase). 

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