Annual Plants

When compared to wood, annual plants are a fast growing raw material. If processed with the correct size reduction machines and systems, there is a broad spectrum of applications. Pallmann manufactures size reduction machines for the preparation of natural fibers as reinforcements for composite materials or as raw material for cellulose production. Annual plants are also suitable as alternative raw materials for the production of wood composite boards. For this purpose, cotton sticks or bamboo are precut with the Drum Chipper. The downstream flake production is performed with high speed hammer mills or with knife ring flakers. The result is a high quality raw material for the production of particleboards. For the generation of fibers for MDF-board production, Pallmann offers the well-known pressurized refiner. Additional applications are the size reduction and processing of bagasse. The main focus here is the removal of the pith which is performed by means of depithers. Size reduction of cork has to be performed with Pallmann size reduction machines in special design due to the desired low percentage of fines.


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